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The inception of Top Legal Minds as a platform began in early 2018 as a true startup with limited resources and lots of midnight oil, convinced that there is power and strength in a community of professionals sharing the same interests.   Top Legal Minds is officially located in Florida, United States of America and currently serving two great countries in their entirety: the United States of America and Canada. As rules and ethical regulations change from country to country, we strive to keep up with the changes and proactively adjust our systems. Although our team is spread out remotely all over the world, our due diligence and compliance is limited to the previously mentioned countries (at the moment). 

Top Legal Minds team members welcome challenges and strive to make the impossible — possible. The Legal Marketing industry is considered to be one of the most challenging and demanding, therefore our choice in serving this industry was clear. Our vast knowledge and experience with Legal Marketing allowed us to develop a platform that caters to the user and legal professionals alike.


For Private Users

Find answers to your legal questions and educate yourself on the legal issues that you are interested in. Research attorneys based on their profile information and the extent of knowledge published within the articles written by them.  Easily connect with an attorney that can step in and help you seek a resolution to your legal issue.

For Attorneys

Create an attorney listing, or opt for an enhanced version of an attorney profile. Display your past achievements, practice area knowledge, areas of service and many other options of proving your experience. Display your knowledge via our article publishing platform and increase the visibility on Top Legal Minds property. Attain notoriety on our platform and across the web via major search engines and content aggregators. Most importantly, attract new potential clients and generate new cases for your practice. 

For Law Firms

Aggregate all practicing attorneys in one combined Firm Profile. Grow firm presence on Top Legal Minds and the web, alongside the connected attorney profiles. Import articles and other firm information from individual Attorney Profiles. Minimal maintenance  is required to build the Firm Profile, as it grows automatically by importing information from individual Attorney Profiles.  

For Legal Writers

Our legal writers' workshop is designed for beginner legal writers through expert legal writers. Publish your unique legal related articles in our Publishing Platform. Find ways of improving the content via a community of other peer legal writers who care about the content that is published on Top Legal Minds. Get compensated for your articles via our residual revenue share model derived from the ad inventory and other contributing revenue generated through your writing. Review participating writers' or attorneys’ articles and contribute to better content, which in turn gets more revenue for you as a collective.  Be part of an ever-growing community of individuals who strive towards excellence.


Top Legal Minds has been created by a strong and ambitious group of professionals who have a rich history in legal web development, legal marketing and legal focused support. Our team members are relentless in attaining success through their achievements and innovation. Our main motivation is to develop new and unique user experiences that solve user problems and help the users with simple access to the information for which they are looking for. The purpose of Top Legal Minds is to provide a source of legal research and a source of finding legal professionals that can help the users with their legal issues. 

One of our motivations is to create a unique experience for the users through innovation. We made a choice to build a proprietary system that is unique and innovative. We decided to make the platform more personal and very accessible and easy to use by the public. 

Top Legal Minds legal search platform is based on bringing forward individual Attorneys vs. Law Firms which employ them. We believe that the achievements of individual attorneys are more lasting, easier to associate with and tell the full story of a given attorney. The ranking of attorneys in our search results is determined by our proprietary ranking algorithm based on aggregate trust and activity factors.

Top Legal Minds Publishing Platform connects the legal writing community in a judgment free environment. Our approach to moderation of content through our Publishing Platform is community based, where peer moderation ranks and improves on the given topic and provides informative content to the end user. Each legal article undergoes peer review and that determines the visibility of the given article on our platform. 

Top Legal Minds provides the opportunity for individual legal professionals to have a voice and carry it over with them, regardless of their current employment status. Each attorney or legal content writer is the owner of their content (unless it’s commissioned content), where the content always stays attached to the individual versus a firm. If an attorney changes the place of employment, the content associated with the attorney profile will migrate to the new place of employment. 

Top Legal Minds Smart Search Platform incorporates all-in-one search results, whether those results are the listings of attorneys, legal articles, resources or law firms. All information can be found through the use of our search module. The information is catered with the use of a live search algorithm, which produces the best content to the individual searcher at a given time. 

The above are just some examples of our innovative thinking and problem-solving. As a huge chunk of our resources is dedicated towards development, we vow to serve the legal industry with new cutting edge technologies and solutions. 


For the Public

The best way to get started is to visit our Homepage to start the Top Legal Minds experience. 

For Attorneys

To create an attorney profile and review the package features, please visit our Attorney Signup Page.  

For Law Firms

A Law Firm Profile needs to be created by an individual attorney via their profile. Creation of a Law Firm Profile depends on the selected subscription package level of the given attorney. Law Firm Profiles can be created and joined, and serves as a hub of information aggregate from connected individual Attorney Profiles.  Please review our plans on our Attorney Signup Page



We sincerely hope that you are enjoying our website, and it serves the purpose that it is intended for.

If you have any questions, feature requests, or anything that you would like to tell us, please use our contact form.